Sounding confident and knowledgeable in virtual meetings is essential for every employee. And for those specifically interested in building visibility and authority, advancing their careers, earning a promotion, or winning high-profile projects, these skills are even more important.   

But what’s the best way to achieve this?

There are numerous ways–including speaking in an authoritative manner, projecting an executive presence, getting your voice heard, avoiding uptalk, slowing the pace, enunciating your words, and pausing for impact. 

While many people struggle with these tactics, one of the most effective ways to improve your communication skills is to actually​ see, measure, and monitor your personal meeting habits. And that’s where Krisp’s long-awaited Call Summary Report feature comes in handy. 

Available to all users beginning on April 18, 2022, this new feature provides users with extremely helpful insights every time they finish a meeting. With this detailed information, users are able to understand and assess their performance after each call. 

In addition, by displaying exactly how much noise is removed by Krisp, users gain a better understanding of the value of Noise Cancellation for their calls, as well as the positive impact this has on virtual meeting effectiveness.

The specific insights tracked include the following:

  • Meeting duration
  • Talk Time percentage
  • Total number of seconds and minutes of noise/echo
  • Minutes of loud vs moderate noises

The new feature also tracks whether or not users are clearly heard in the meeting–based on if Krisp is turned on, partially on, or completely turned off. 

Virtual meetings are most successful when everyone is engaged in the discussion and has the opportunity to make strong, meaningful contributions. The key is uncovering your communication weaknesses and learning how to strengthen your meeting habits. 

Learn more about our new Call Summary feature in Krisp’s Help Center. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected]