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With real-time accent conversion, Krisp creates a better human-to-human connection and communication effectiveness for customers and call centers.

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How call centers benefit from AI Accent Localization

Reduce agent onboarding and training cost

AI Accent Localization eliminates the need for expensive accent neutralization training, allowing call centers and agents to spend more time on the phone.

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Reduce AHT and improve CSAT

The technology reduces Average Hande Time by enhancing comprehension and minimizing back-and-forth in customer calls leading to increased Customer Satisfaction Scores.

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Improve agent experience and happiness

AI Accent Localization eliminates the need for accent training, reducing cognitive load and improving employee satisfaction scores and retention.

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Broaden your hiring pool

Immediately scale your available talent pool while supporting DE&I initiatives by eliminating accent prerequisites for hiring.

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Built with powerful, enterprise-grade security in mind

  • Quick, easy deployment to all computers at once
  • User access and management
  • Centralized billing
  • Email, OAuth, and SSO user verification
Privacy & Security
  • No voice data visible to Krisp servers
  • GDPR compliant
  • SOC-2 certified
  • Encryption in-transit and at-rest

What you get with AI Accent Localization

On-device and real-time audio processing

AI Accent Localization processes the audio securely on device and dynamically changes agent’s accent into the customer's natively understood accent in real time.

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AI Background Noise and Voice Cancellation

Along with accent modification, the audio stream going from the agent to the customer will be noiseless and free of distracting background voices.

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Male and female voice outputs

AI Accent Localization offers natural male and female output voices for call center agents, allowing them to sound authentically professional.

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No additional integrations required

AI Accent Localization works with any communication app on Windows machines with no additional configurations or enrollment and is compatible with all headsets used in call center environments.

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How AI Accent Localization works

Krisp uses deep learning algorithms to translate accents in real-time. The process consists of several stages, resulting in US-native speech with original naturalness and preserved intonations, free of background noise and voices.

The model takes the input speech.
Analyzes its phonetic structure.
Transforms it into phonetic features.
Assigns text to speakers with timestamps.
Generates a natural US-native speech.
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