As a frequently traveling remote worker, you know the struggle of booking flights, apartments, looking for last minute hotels and choosing the best restaurants or coffeeshops. This is barely half  of planning activities and I can feel you’re starting to get tired. Trip planning can be managed a lot faster through travel apps for remote workers. We’ve collected a listicle of most useful ones:

1. Airbnb

When visiting another country useing these kind of travel apps for remote workers to stay at local apartments or houses for cheaper prices and better accommodations. You will also have a chance to keep in touch with the locals or maybe even live with them.

By the way Airbnb has a new feature called Trips that works in 12 cities and will soon expand to 50. Trips will help you organize your day and attend fun events with local guides. You can filter the activities that you like best and plan your day based on what Trips recommends.

travel apps for nearby facilities

2. Tripadvisor

Tripadvisor is a platform with a bunch of quality reviews for any restaurants, coffeeshops, bars, cafes, clubs or any place you want to visit when you travel to another country. The reviews include images, videos and a lengthy description with rating – just enough for you to decide whether you want to visit a place or not.

For a quicker visiting option you can enable the Near Me function and see all the entertainment facilities located nearby.

3. Citymapper

Another one of cool travel apps for remote workers! This app keeps track of train lines and buses for different cities even in offline mode. You can follow a given bus or train line and catch it on time and if you’re new to the city the app will alert you to get off the bus on time without missing your station.

The app also shows all the possible (including the fastest) routes to reach the destination. If you like metro but struggle trying to find your station in the map, just look at it through Citymapper.

travel apps for buses

4. Memrise

You can always learn a new language on the go. Every new country is a new opportunity to explore its culture, traditions and the beauty of language. Memrise has over 200 full courses by expert linguists who teach the local accents, grammar skills, difficult words, listening skills and more.

The app also adapts to your learning experience and you can practice your newly obtained knowledge by talking to a chatbot.

5. Skyscanner

Skyscanner provides the cheapest flights, hotels and car hiring for your chosen dates. There’s a recommendations section from your current location to other interesting countries. You can look for other destinations for affordable prices and the app will automatically alert you anytime the prices change.

There are also discounts available for hotel prices if you choose to book flights through Skyscanner. Either way, never miss a bus again.

6. HotelTonight

HotelTonight is the best option to look for backup hotel rooms after your booking plans don’t work out. You can even book hotel rooms to escape traffic and work before you can reach your destination. Another fun thing to try is a weekend getaway with your new friends.

This app helps you cut the planning time and get a comfortable last-minute top hotel deals in many countries worldwide, so enjoy your stay anywhere you want.  

travel apps for flights

7. Packpoint

Check the weather and get your own custom packing list through Packpoint to spend less time preparing for your trips. You can view your packing lists across all of your devices. To start making your packing list, choose the activities that you’re fond of, the length of stay and the date of departure and the app will provide you with a summary of your trip and packing list and everything else you need.

8. TripScout

Ever heard of audio tours? You can walk around a new city and discover interesting facts about the areas you visit. TripScout is a way to enjoy a GPS-based cool audio guide during your trips. You don’t even have to enable your mobile data to make the guide work. Simply walk around and be in a location where the story begins and navigate your way through the stories as you go.

Besides TripScout is a great travel planner that can recommend good restaurants, coffeeshops and other entertainment nearby.

9. Krisp

Frequent remote travel is also about frequent remote work and conference calls. The app mutes background noise from both sides during a conference call, so you will be able to take calls from any coffeeshops, cafes or even outside. Krisp works with all conferencing applications. It’s available for Mac, and the Windows version is coming in early Spring.




10. Couchsurfing

Couchsurfing provides you with an opportunity to stay with a local household for free and connect with the local hosts. You can meet other amazing travellers like you and even go to interesting traveller events together.

If you’re new to the city this is the fastest and most fun way to meet new friends and stay over free of charge before you find yourself an apartment.

We hope these travel apps for remote workers will brighten your day and lessen your planning troubles. Have a safe trip!


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