We’re about to dive into the brand new year of 2021, counting the final days of December. 

2020 has been quite a challenging and difficult year for all of us. With the rise of the pandemic, we’ve all been dealing with drastic changes in our personal and work life altogether. 

But this year also had some good events worth reflecting on. Let’s look back at what we’ve accomplished all together at Krisp and set the pace for the journey ahead, in hopes to have a brighter year. 

We Won Exciting Awards

Of course, with great achievements come great awards as well ? 

In the year 2020, together with our community, we were:

We are honored and thankful to be recognized by Forbes, TIME and Gartner among other incredible and outstanding companies. There are more awards yet to come, and we are ought to celebrate together!

We Raised $5 million in Series A

Back in 2019, we launched our Krisp noise cancelling app as a full product, and we gradually started onboarding large companies and enterprises. With many businesses transitioning to the remote world, we were determined to help make the transition smoother for the teams ?.

All thanks to your support, we were able to expand our virtual presence, make our product better through your essential feedback. This allowed us to complete a Series A funding round by raising $5 million, gaining investment from Storm Ventures, Sierra Ventures, TechNexus and Hive Ventures. 

This is a big achievement for our entire community, and this wouldn’t have been possible without you. We will continue to grow to bring you even more sophisticated AI communication and audio technologies in the near future. 

Our Team Welcomed 56 New Krispions ?

What makes Krisp’s journey exciting is its wholesome and powerful community. Thanks to all of your support we were able to grow our team of strong Krispions and welcomed new talented professionals to help make Krisp better and more useful for you. 

Our team is determined to build a one of a kind technology that will allow everyone around the world to enjoy online communication to its full extent, with the confidence that they deserve. Now as a global team of 90 proud Krispions from different parts of the world, we will be working even harder to achieve our mission together!

What’s Gonna Happen in 2021? 

2020 was a rough year for all of us and the sudden shift to remote work brought a lot of challenging issues. We are proud to be a part of a solution and help people feel at least a little less stressed while communicating online. We were also able to welcome new Krispions, raise funds and fulfill our mission all thanks to your unity and support.

We are humbled to know that our efforts were recognized not only by our users but also industry-wide, so we will continue to innovate and deliver high quality products. 

For the new year, we will be focused on perfecting our AI application for desktop devices to ensure that you can confidently communicate as a business professional no matter where you are in the world. 

We are also taking a deep dive into transforming your speaking skills and online communication by building a user-friendly AI Communication Assistant. The essence behind this technology is to help you polish your speaking skills by analyzing your performance during online meetings and providing you real-time feedback on the spot. We’ll tell you more exciting things about this in the next year 😉

We always hear you, and your feedback is what makes our product worthwhile, so stay tuned for new exciting features coming your way very soon! 


Until then thank you all, and stay safe!

Krisp Team ❤️