Nanao City, Japan, and Berkeley, USA

March 30, 2023

oVice, Inc. and Krisp Technologies, Inc. have launched the world’s leading AI noise cancellation software directly within oVice’s two-dimensional business metaverse. oVice customers will gain access to Krisp’s Voice AI technology for unlimited conversations in the oVice business metaverse, providing for more comfortable voice calls with colleagues. 

Background of Collaboration

oVice first introduced its business metaverse in August 2020, allowing users to freely interact as avatars in a virtual office setting. With the rapid spread of work styles regardless of location, users increasingly began accessing oVice from various locations, such as home, office, coworking spaces and cafes, leading to an increase in noise complaints and requests for noise cancellation technology to eliminate background noise and improve voice communications. 

Krisp AI Noise Cancellation
oVice’scollaboration with Krisp provides users with the world’s best AI noise-cancellation technology. All oVice users can now access Krisp directly within oVice settings to cancel both inbound and outbound background noise. oVice has launched Krisp in beta with very positive initial feedback from users. With a native integration, there is no need for users to install an application, no additional fees, and no limitations on talk time leveraging Krisp.

Krisp’s proprietary Voice AI technology enhances voice communication through audio cleansing and noise cancellation allowing users to engage in conversation, without distractions, regardless of their surroundings. Voice communication is often disrupted by unpredictable background noise, from  – cafe music, construction,sirens, barking dogs to vacuums, and keyboard clicks—all of which Krisp’s Voice AI technology completely eliminates to provide voice clarity for users.  oVice has launched a beta offering and will continue to make updates based on feedback from users.

About Krisp

Krisp has pioneered the world’s first Voice Productivity AI platform that enhances voice communication through audio cleansing, noise cancellation, voice cancellation, and echo removal. Krisp began with a simple mission – to help people everywhere maximize the productivity of every digital voice conversation and help businesses achieve better business outcomes as a result.

Since its introduction in 2019, Krisp has been trusted by some of the world’s largest global brands to improve the productivity of hundreds of thousands of employees and CX professionals and has received multiple recognitions, such as TIME magazine’s “Best Inventions Of The Year” and “AI50” by Forbes.  For more information about Krisp, please click here. 

What is oVice?
oVice is a two-dimensional business metaverse that allows users to move their avatar freely on the web and bring it closer to the other avatars to easily talk with them. Since the service started in August 2020, oVice has been used for virtual offices for telework, online events, and open campuses, and as of October 2022, the number of issuing spaces has exceeded 35,000.

About oVice

oVice is developing and providing a business metaverse that allows users to move and talk freely. oVice is a Series B company based in Nanao City, Japan, with investment from leading Japanese financial institutions. 

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