BERKELEY, Calif., June 2, 2024 – Krisp, the world’s leading AI-powered voice productivity software, announced today an Early Access program for its breakthrough accent localization technology. The Early Access program is available to select CCaaS partners focusing on delivering breakthrough Voice AI technology to clients and end customers. 


Krisp’s Accent Location SDKs are available initially for Windows OS and will become available for browser applications via WASM JS later this year. AI Accent Localization dynamically adjusts contact center agents’ accent to the natively understood accent of the customer calling them. Krisp’s AI Accent Localization supports India and the Philippines, due to their predominantly US-based customer market. Agents and administrators can select one of five output voices for both male and female agents. Like all other Krisp technologies, AI Accent Localization processes voice exclusively on-device, minimizing latency and maximizing quality, while preserving privacy and security. 


“A number of our leading AI Noise Cancellation customers are already moving forward, integrating and testing Krisp’s AI Accent Localization SDKs,” said Robert Schoenfield, EVP of Licensing and Partnerships at Krisp. “We are thrilled to be diversifying our offerings and opening up our Early Access program to other CCaas providers as well.”


Krisp SDKs process more than 75 billion minutes of audio every month, supporting leading enterprise contact centers, BPOs and CCaaS platforms directly and through partnerships globally. 

AI Accent Localization revolutionizes customer service for companies by eliminating the need for resource and cognitive-intensive accent neutralization training and puts all call center agents on an equal playing field. This allows contact centers to rapidly scale operations from any location in the world by increasing access to a larger employable talent pool, while delivering consistent, superior service without additional resources.

Krisp Accent Localization supports a wide range of Indian and Filipino accent dialects, making it an ideal solution for BPOs with India and Philippine-based contact center operations. Soon to follow are accent localization packs for English-speaking Latin American, South African and other contact center agents.


About Krisp

Founded in 2017, Krisp pioneered the world’s first AI-powered Voice Productivity software. Krisp’s Voice AI technology enhances digital voice communication through audio cleansing, noise cancelation, accent localization, and call transcription and summarization. Offering full privacy, Krisp works on-device, across all audio hardware configurations and applications that support digital voice communication. Today, Krisp processes over 75 billion minutes of voice conversations every month, eliminating background noise, echoes, and voices in real-time, helping businesses harness the power of voice to unlock higher productivity and deliver better business outcomes. 


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