We’re thrilled to announce our partnership with Dyte, a leading video SDK platform, to bring an enhanced video conferencing experience with exceptional audio quality to all Dyte users. 

By integrating Krisp’s cutting-edge AI-powered noise-cancellation technology, Dyte users can eliminate background noise and experience crystal-clear conversations effortlessly during video calls.

Why Dyte chooses Krisp?

Krisp offers users a distinctive solution for canceling background noise during calls and the ability to eliminate noise in real-time.

Krisp’s Voice AI technology utilizes deep neural networks and machine learning algorithms to deliver an impeccable noise-cancellation solution. By training our solution on an extensive collection of noise and voice samples, Krisp has achieved remarkable accuracy in distinguishing between background noise and human speech.

With Krisp, all audio processing takes place directly on your device, guaranteeing that your audio is never stored or transmitted anywhere, ensuring both effectiveness and complete privacy. Our noise-cancellation solution is designed to be low-latency, meaning it can eradicate noise in real-time without causing delays or disruptions in the audio.

“We’re excited to provide Dyte customers with Krisp’s Voice AI technology and deliver an exceptional audio experience for everyone on the platform,” said Abhishek Kankani, Co-Founder and CEO of Dyte. 

“We believe this integration will provide an unparalleled video streaming experience with best-in-class voice clarity for users.”

In addition to its noise cancellation capabilities, Krisp boasts complementary features such as echo removal and HD voice, enabling you to provide studio-quality audio wherever you are.

Through this partnership, Dyte users can conduct productive meetings from anywhere in the world, be it their home, a cafe, or a co-working space. 

Why is Noise-Cancellation Important?

“We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Dyte, where we will integrate our cutting-edge Voice AI technology into their platform,” stated Robert Schonfield, EVP of Licensing and Partnerships at Krisp. “With our advanced technology, we aim to enhance communication by eliminating barriers to productivity and enabling users to express themselves clearly and effectively. We are eager to bring this reality to Dyte’s user base.”

With Krisp’s advanced noise-cancellation technology, Dyte users can completely filter out background noise, such as traffic, music, and other distracting sounds, improving audio quality and clarity in video meetings, webinars, or live events. Eliminating distractions with Krisp allows participants to concentrate better on conversations, leading to more effective communication and productivity. 

About Krisp: 

Founded in 2017, Krisp pioneered the world’s first AI-powered Voice Productivity software. Krisp’s Voice AI technology enhances digital voice communication through audio cleansing, noise cancelation, accent localization, and call transcription and summarization. Krisp offers full privacy and works on-device across all audio hardware configurations and applications that support digital voice communication. Krisp processes over 75 billion minutes of voice conversations every month, eliminating background noise, echoes, and voices in real time, helping businesses harness the power of voice to unlock higher productivity and deliver better business outcomes. 

Learn more at www.krisp.ai