BERKELEY, Calif., April 6, 2023 – Krisp, the world’s leading AI-powered Voice Productivity software, announced today a new integration with Daily, the leading video communication platform. Daily’s global infrastructure and APIs make it easy for developers to integrate world-class video & audio experiences into any application. 

The partnership delivers Krisp’s advanced noise cancellation to Daily’s platform with Krisp’s Voice AI technology, enabling Daily users to experience crystal clear audio during live video sessions.

Through the integration, Daily customers receive plug & play access to Krisp’s AI-powered Voice Productivity software to remove background noises, chatter, and echoes, making it easier for users to have clear conversations and build immersive live video.

The integration of Krisp’s Voice AI technology into Daily’s platform empowers Daily’s customers and partners to provide uninterrupted communication to their users during virtual meetings, webinars, and podcasts and create immersive live video experiences for their audiences. 

Krisp’s AI-powered noise cancellation technology cancels out background noise and echoes, making communication easier for users in noisy environments. With the new integration, Daily’s customers can access Krisp’s plug & play technology directly through the Daily platform, enhancing their video and audio capabilities and improving the overall user experience.

“We are thrilled to partner with Daily and integrate our Voice AI technology into their platform,” said Robert Schnoefied, EVP of Licensing and Partnerships at Krisp. “Our technology is designed to help people communicate clearly, and effectively and remove barriers to productivity. We look forward to making that a reality for Daily’s users.”

“People participate in live calls from a myriad of different, unpredictable environments. Noise cancellation technology plays a critical role in ensuring productivity and interactivity,” said Ramya Venkateswaran, head of partnerships at Daily. 

“With Daily’s flexible and powerful APIs and Krisp’s best-in-class Voice AI technology, creators of live video and audio applications can empower their users to be at their best – whether that’s participating in high stakes meeting on the way to school drop-off or speaking at an event from a noisy room.”

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