We are excited to announce early access to our newest product release, Krisp Accent Localization! 

Since introducing our Voice Productivity AI in 2018 and being at the forefront of noise and voice cancellation technologies for years, we’ve been able to cancel more than 75 billion minutes of noise per month; and we have proudly served thousands of the world’s top call centers and enterprises. Now, we are excited to announce the addition of yet another game-changing technology to our offering: Accent Localization.

Our team at Krisp has been working tirelessly to create a technology that utilizes real-time inflection changes to help customers understand agents better by dynamically changing agents’ accents into the customer’s natively understood accent.

This innovative product is designed to create better human-to-human connection and communication effectiveness for customers and call centers that are located outside of the United States in countries such as India and the Philippines. 

Krisp Accent Localization revolutionizes customer service for companies by eliminating the need for accent training and putting call center agents on an equal playing field. This allows call centers to rapidly scale operations from any location in the world by increasing access to a larger employable talent pool while enabling the delivery of superior service without sacrificing quality or resources.

Krisp Accent Localization supports a wide range of Indian accent dialects, making it an ideal solution for BPOs with India-based call center operations.  Soon to follow are accent localization packs for English-speaking Filipino, South African, and Chinese call center agents. 

Key Features of Krisp Accent Localization:

  • Works real-time and on-device
  • Support for 17+ Indian dialects
  • Works with any app on Windows
  • Centralized management, configuration, and deployment on an enterprise scale

Availability and Pricing

Krisp Accent Localization is currently being released as a limited preview for early-access customers, with broad availability planned for later this year. If you would like to participate in the limited preview program or if you would like to schedule a briefing and see a demo of Krisp Accent Localization, please submit a request by visiting this page. 

Request early access.