In the ever-evolving landscape of customer service, contact centers play a crucial role in delivering exceptional experiences. However, the challenges of background noise, poor audio quality and agent’s accents can all hinder effective communication, leading to frustrated customers and agents alike.  In this blog post, we explore the power of Voice Productivity AI software technology and how it is revolutionizing the contact center industry.

The Distracting Noise Barrier: A Challenge in Contact Centers

Background noise and other voices are an adversary that contact centers have long battled, both for agents in the center and those working at home. Whether it’s the bustling office environment, the cacophony of daily life, or technical issues during remote work, noise can significantly hinder communication. This leads to misunderstandings, repeated conversations, and ultimately, reduced customer satisfaction. The struggle is not only faced by customers trying to reach out but also by agents striving to provide elevated service.

Enter Krisp SDKs: The Game-Changing Solution

Krisp’s Voice Productivity AI software is a groundbreaking solution that is transforming the way contact centers operate by eliminating background noise and voices (other agents, supervisors, even children for agents who work remotely) to exponentially improve voice quality. 


Krisp has emerged as a transformative force by offering an AI-powered voice processing solution that provides crystal-clear digital voice communication experiences. The technology employs advanced machine learning algorithms to filter out background noise, remove other voices and ensure that only the speaker’s voice is transmitted. This means that customers and agents can communicate seamlessly, regardless of their surroundings or physical environment. In addition, Krisp removes the background noise bidirectionally, from the customer to the agent as well, so that agents always clearly understand their customer.


Krisp SDKs integrate into most CCaaS platforms and are available across platforms, including WASM JS, Win, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS and has optimized its package to minimize its footprint and resource utilization while still delivering market-best voice quality performance. Processings real-time communications with no perceived delay added to calls, Krisp SDKs include support for fullband, wideband and narrowband calls. 

Krisp SDKs include:

  • Noise Cancellation: microphone (outbound/uplink) stream, robust for noise types and SNR levels.
  • Inbound Noise Cancellation: speaker (inbound/downlink): optimized for inbound PTSN/mobile, removes background noise from customer to agent and has intelligence to allow ringtones to pass through to the agent.
  • Background Voice Cancellation: removes competing voices around the agent, including other agents and supervisors. There is no need for training or enrolling the agent’s voice. 
  • Accent Localization: localizes Indian English accents so that US-based customers hear US-neutral accents. This is done so that there is no perceived delay during the call and agents sound natural in their speech, tones and pitch. Additional geographic accents will be added.

How Krisp’s Voice Productivity AI Works

Krisp’s technology works on a simple yet ingenious principle. It employs two-way voice processing – one deployed in the microphone stream (uplink/outbound) and one in the speaker stream (downlink/inbound). For the agent, the technology uses AI to distinguish between the agent’s voice and background noise and other voices. All noise and competing voices are then canceled out, leaving only the agent’s voice to be transmitted. For the customer’s inbound audio stream, the technology similarly filters out any residual noise, ensuring that the audio received is crisp and clear. 


Krisp SDKs are all integrated on-device with no cloud/server connectivity, processing or storage.

Benefits for Customers

For customers interacting with contact centers, the advantages of Krisp are quantitative and qualitative. First and foremost, the elimination of background noise means that queries and concerns are heard accurately, resulting in quicker issue resolution. This leads to higher customer satisfaction rates and an overall positive perception of the brand’s commitment to quality service. Additionally, improved audio quality reduces the likelihood of miscommunications, misunderstandings, and repetitive conversations. This enhances the overall customer experience and reducing the time required on a call. Krisp contact center customers report on average a 10% reduction in average handle time (AHT), an 8% increase in customer satisfaction scores (CSAT), and a 25% increase in agent satisfaction.

Empowering Contact Center Agents with Voice AI

While the customer experience is paramount, Krisp’s Voice AI technology also greatly benefits contact center agents. Agents are better able to focus on the conversation at hand without struggling to decipher muffled speech or loud distractions. This heightened focus not only boosts their efficiency but also reduces stress levels, leading to improved job satisfaction. With clearer audio, agents can provide more accurate responses, leading to faster call resolutions and increased agent productivity. Agents are able to have clear voice communications independent of their headset type or quality level. In fact, many contact centers using Krisp have reduced their investments and now purchase much lower priced headsets, as Krisp far outperforms and out-delivers even the most expensive headsets.

Bridging the Accent Gap – Accent Localization 🆕

Krisp has developed Accent Localization technology to enable clear communications across countries, languages and accents. Starting with India-based agents for North American customers, agent accents are localized to sound similar to North American accents, lessening the friction between consumers and agents equipped to help them solve their problems. Krisp will be adding additional accent coverage in 2024 for most major markets. This highly valuable breakthrough technology will enable highly qualified agents in emerging markets to be able to serve demanding customers comfortably without the risk of unintelligibility or bias from customers due to accent.

Elevating Work from Home

The global shift toward remote work has posed new challenges for contact centers. Agents are now working from a variety of locations, each with its own set of background noises. Krisp has risen to this challenge by offering a powerful solution that ensures remote agents can maintain the same level of professionalism as their office counterparts. Customers never know if any agent is working in a large, loud contact center, or at home with unpredictable background noises.

Integration and Accessibility

One of the remarkable features of Krisp’s Voice AI technology is its ease of integration into existing contact center platforms. This means that contact centers can seamlessly incorporate Krisp’s voice processing capabilities into their operations without disrupting their existing workflows. Krisp integrates with browser-based applications, as well as native applications, both on desktop and mobile. This approach ensures that the power of Krisp is accessible to businesses of all sizes, from enterprise-level platforms to those serving mid-market and SMB.

The Future of Customer-Centric Communication

In a world where customer expectations are continually on the rise, Krisp is leading the way in revolutionizing how contact centers provide clear voice communications. By addressing the perennial challenge of background noise, audio quality and accents, Krisp’s Voice Productivity AI is enhancing customer experiences, boosting agent productivity, and redefining the parameters of efficient communication.

In conclusion, the power of Krisp’s Voice Productivity AI software within contact center platforms is undeniable. It is reshaping the industry by transforming the way customer interactions occur. The technology’s ability to eliminate background noise, block competing voices, localize accents and deliver crystal-clear audio profoundly impacts both customer satisfaction and agent efficiency. As we move forward in this digital age, Krisp plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of customer-centric communication. Contact center platforms embracing this technology will gain a competitive edge, setting new standards in the realm of customer service.