Background noise adversely impacts call experience and effectiveness

Lack of clear communications during calls frustrates both customers and agents. Agent chatter and keyboard clicks, inbound customers calling while at airports, driving in cars or walking on the street. These disruptive background noises adversely affect customer experience and agent productivity, resulting in lower satisfaction scores and agent turnover.

Krisp removes background noises during calls

AI-powered Krisp is the first and only software solution that mutes background noises for inbound and outbound calls in real-time, resulting in improved customer experience and agent productivity. Distracting noises from customers and agents are removed from the call while maintaining clear voice communications.

Krisp easily integrates with contact center telephony platforms and works seamlessly with all headphones and microphones. A dashboard for centralized installation and user-management is provided for IT Administration management and control.

Krisp recently opened an Early Access Program (EAP) and a number of contact centers have gained access to Krisp for use within their call centers. Sitel Group, a leading global BPO, was the first to announce an agreement to use Krisp throughout their call centers:

“Deploying Krisp’s technology in our contact centers fully aligns with our ongoing strategy to improve our associates’ experience at work and enhance the customer experience we deliver.” said Olivier Camino, Global COO and founding partner at Sitel Group. 

EAP pilots and deployments made easy through Krisp Teams

Deploy Krisp in minutes

  • Install on agent Windows or Mac workstations in minutes
  • Integrate with your CRM simply by selecting Krisp as the microphone and speaker
  • Manage users and configurations centrally
  • Use seamlessly with all headsets independent of their quality level

Put to use right away

  • Mute agent noises during outbound calls (chatter, key clicks, …)
  • Mute customer noises during inbound calls (car, music, roads, …)
  • Provide agents with more comfort and flexibility
  • Improve customer experience

Does Krisp overlap with your current voice quality and noise immunity solutions?

Background noise continues to be an issue for call centers, as evidenced by the use of expensive headsets and the deployment of white noise systems.

In addition, the trend of open office layouts leads to more noise problems (yet improves agent work experience), while closed-in and separated cubicles provide for better noise immunity (though impacts agent work experience negatively).

Typically, contact centers purchase headsets with active noise cancellation (ANC) for each agent’s comfort, and some include limited outbound noise cancellation capabilities. Yet customers continue to complain about noise leakage from call centers. And none of the existing solutions remove the noise from customers on inbound calls.

Krisp solves this problem. Krisp is complementary to existing solutions and provides unique performance advantages. As a software solution, Krisp doesn’t require any physical changes to call centers, either with office layout or white noise systems. Krisp is installed and operates within the workstation OS and improves the call center platform performance currently in use with agents.

Krisp is the only application available that runs locally within a workstation and provides two-way noise cancellation. Krisp’s technology is based on advanced machine learning algorithms that recognize and remove background noise from real-time audio streams. Krisp is deployed on Windows and Mac workstations and acts as a virtual microphone and speaker to mute noise during calls.

Multi-channel contact centers have become the primary touchpoint with customers. When customer interactions require a call center agent, having Krisp enabled throughout the call will translate to improved customer experience, better agent job satisfaction and shorter call times. Deploying Krisp is easy and fast, allowing customers and agents to experience noise-free calls immediately.

To demo and pilot Krisp within your call centers, please visit our website.