Zoom Noise Cancellation in Conference Calls With Krisp

Use Krisp noise cancelling app together with Zoom and enjoy more productive conference calls

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For Mac and Windows


Does Noise Ruin Your Conference Calls on Zoom?

Annoyed by hearing everyone’s background noise?

Tired of the “everybody-go-on-mute” problem?

Noise disrupts your important conversations?

Don’t want to invest in expensive equipment for noise cancellation?

Krisp Removes Noise on your Zoom Calls

Bi-directional noise removal

Mute the background noise both from you and other call participants

Quick setup

Simply select Krisp as your Microphone and Speaker in the audio settings of Zoom

Use with any headset, microphone & speaker

Krisp noise cancelling app works with all wired or wireless headphones, microphones and speakers

Use with any conferencing app

Pair Krisp with any conferencing, voice messaging, and communication apps

Krisp makes it all go away. Hear the difference.


Built With AI

Krisp technology is based on deep neural networks and is trained using thousands of hours of audio.

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Maximum Privacy

Krisp performs all audio processing locally. Your voice and audio will never leave your device.

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Enjoy noise-free conference calls in Zoom

Remove background noise from you and other call participants

Have clear and noiseless communication anytime

Boost Zoom noise cancellation with Krisp

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