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Krisp improves the productivity of online meetings with its AI-powered Voice Clarity and Meeting Assistant.

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What does Voice Productivity AI include?

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AI Voice Clarity
  • background voice Background Voice Cancellation
  • microphone Noise Cancellation
  • echo cancellation Echo Cancellation
  • echo cancellation Accent Localization
AI Meeting Assistant
  • talk time Meeting Transcription
  • chart Meeting Notes
AI Voice Clarity

Remove background voices of other
people talking in the same room and keep only
your voice in the call.

AI Voice Clarity
noise cancellation

Eliminate background noises from your
microphone and speaker, ensuring
distraction-free calls.

AI Voice Clarity
Echo cancellation

Eliminate echoes bouncing off of the walls
and those resulting from your own voice or a
sensitive mic.

AI Voice Clarity
Accent localization

Utilizes real-time inflection changes to help customers understand agents better by dynamically changing agents' accents into the customer's natively understood accent. Learn More

AI Meeting Assistant
Talk time

Automatic meeting transcription that works with all voice
apps and does not require any extensions or plugins. Learn More

AI Meeting Assistant

AI-powered meetings notes and summary that
is easily sharable. Learn More

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    Krisp works where you do

    Krisp acts as a “smart” layer between your device and any online communication solution to eliminate all background noise with a single click.

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    Your voice
    Your privacy

    Unlike other solutions, Krisp processes your voice on your device ONLY. Your voice never leaves your device.


    The insights gathered from your calls are for you to view and use, helping you improve your communication skills over time.


    Encrypted connections.
    SOC-2. Google OAuth. SAML.

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    Powered by AI

    World’s top Speaking AI researchers built Krisp’s technology from the ground up—and they’re just getting started.

    Organizations worldwide love Krisp

    Harvey Jones
    Harvey Jones,
    Head of Workplace
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    “Atlassian staff working at home have benefitted from the Krisp service since early in the pandemic. Since our Team Anywhere announcement, we have sought ways to make remote and hybrid working more effective, and Krisp's ability to screen background noise from calls and recordings has been invaluable to many staff."

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    Krisp for Teams

    When it comes to building strong teams, clear communication is the secret sauce.

    Investing in your team’s productivity and happiness is the best decision you will make. Thousands of teams already embraced Krisp Speaking AI.

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    World-class recognition and awards

    gartner cool vendor Cool Vendor in Digital Workplace Programs and Applications
    forbes most promising award America’s Most Promising AI Companies
    Webby award winner People's Voice Winner in Productivity & Collaboration
    G2 Leader in noise canellation Leader in Noise Cancellation and Voice Recognition
    G2 Market leader

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